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Component Parts | World's Premier Designer & Manufacturer of Vehicle Adapter Components

Welcome to Component Parts, Inc.

Component Parts is the world’s premier supplier of foreign and domestic air conditioning compressor brackets and installation components to systems manufacturers.

From Compressor Mounts, Adjusting Brackets, Swing Plates, Hydraulic Adapter Brackets, to Alternator Brackets, CPI consistently provides customers with the best possible quality product, service and prompt delivery.

CPI can manufacture from a customer-provided sample or blueprint or as engineered by our experienced design engineers. Whatever the application may be, let CPI be your partner.

CPI also provides quality fabrication and/or CNC machining services. With our broad range of production equipment, we can provide total metal fabrication requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our compressor brackets accommodate Sanden or Seltech compressors.

CPI has current availability on compressor mount bracket kits to fit most automobiles and trucks. Compressor mount brackets for classic cars, medium and heavy trucks, and off-road equipment are in stock.

If you are not a systems manufacturer, please contact us regarding your required application, and we will assist you in locating a retailer in your area.

Specializing in Compressor Mount and Adapter Components for System Manufacturers
Customized fabricated steel products and machined castings of aluminum, ductile, cast iron mounts and pulleys
CNC Bridgeport, J&L Turret Lathe, K&T Production Milling, and Welded Constructions, Leadwell CNC Turning Center
Professional Design and Engineering Services
Component Parts, Inc.
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Compressor Brackets & Components for Any Application, Including Heavy Off-Road Equipment, Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Trucks & Automotive